Darwinex Pro:

Raise capital on your Terms, with your Brand, on Darwinex infrastructure.

The Golden Key of Darwinex Offering

Think of Darwinex Pro as a Hedge Fund as a Service (HFaaS) for professionals who look to introduce their strategies to their investors on their terms, leveraging our platform as a white-label.

Darwinex Pro is a service on top of Darwinex execution, track-record certification, seed capital and cap-intro programmes.


No Hurdles.
It’s all up to you

· Fastest Time to Market

Darwinex Pro builds on a Darwinex account - and it’s turnkey. One/two months from application to market.

· On your Terms

Your brand. Your fee schedule. Your investors. No competition from other Darwinex strategies.

· Minimal & Variable Cost Basis

Beating the market is hard enough as it is. No need for unnecessary stress.

· You Trade and Raise

That’s it. Darwinex Pro includes marketing materials, investor support, regulatory compliance, back-office chores and more.

Service Scope
and Fees


  • Regulatory cover to raise under FCA regulation.

  • Risk management at arm’s length.

  • Professional marketing materials.

  • Customisable investor individual risk and fee schedules.

  • Automated back-office and fee collection.

  • VIP service level agreement for you and your investors.

Fee Structure

  • One-time set-up fee of 10,000 (£/$/€) paid upfront (includes all services described above), plus

  • AuM based fee subject to 5,000 (£/$/€) yearly minimum.

It’s your Turn
Get in touch to find out more



What pre-requisites do you require to provide the service?

We accept applications at our discretion, considering:

  • Strategy quality.

  • Applicant fitness and propriety.

  • Track record raising / Business potential.


I am interested, how’s the application and approval process?

It all starts by filling out the above form. The process involves:

  • An initial screening meeting for us to meet you and for you to get a first impression of the offering. The goal is to quickly establish if there’s a mutual fit.

  • You completing the Darwinex Pro application form. This covers information about your experience, strategies, business plan and compliance track-record.

  • We may want to test your commercial skills.

  • Due diligence on your strategy or strategies to assess quality.

  • Compliance and background due diligence.


What is the minimum amount for opening an investor account?

Investor tickets are 25,000 (£/$/€) and upward.


Do I need to be regulated?

Not in your own right. The service includes regulatory cover to introduce investors to us.
To this end, we will appoint you as an Introducer Appointed Representative - which will allow you to effect introductions and distribute non-real time financial promotions.
You will sign a contract with us which limits the scope of the regulatory cover and contains provisions to enforce regulatory compliance.

If you have any other questions or want to know further information, you can read more here or get in touch with us.